About Maldives Australia Alumni

Maldives Australia Alumni (MAA) is the Maldives chapter of Australia Awards graduates, established in January 2015. MAA is designated to provide all Maldivians who have studied in Australia, under Australian Government aid with a means to create and maintain connections in their academic sectors and fields of work, and to utilize the collective expertise of the alumni to effectively contribute to the national development of Maldives.

We are potentially, one of the largest talent pools in Maldives with over 400 students having studied in Australia under Australian Government aid over the past 40 years.


Our vision is to promote national growth and development of Maldives and Australia through knowledge transfer and information dissemination by the alumnus.


The mission of MAA is to increase the participation of the alumni in policy formulation, planning, and development activities of the Maldives by providing assistance in research, training, and in building human capacity.

Executive Committee Members

MAA is administered by a Executive Committee consisting of 11 members, who are members of the Alumni. The Executive Committee is elected by general members of the Alumni in a General Meeting, for a term of two years.

Hawwa Leesha, Chairperson

Master in Counselling, Monash University, 2011

Aishath Hameeda, Vice Chairperson

Bachelor in Public Administration, University of Canberra ,2016

Mohamed Anas RIza

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Monash University, Australia, 2016

Aishath Limya, General Secretary

Bachelor of Finance, La Trobe University, 2016

Aishath Nafa Ahmed

Master of Employment and Labour Relations Law, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2017

Ahmed Hassaan, Treasurer

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Monash University, Australia, 2016

Aishath Majida Hassan, Executive Member

Bachelor of Sciences (Laboratory Medicine), Curtin University, 2006 and 

Master of Laboratory Medicine, RMIT University, 2013

Hassan Nashrah, Executive Member
Muhusina Abdul Rahman, Executive Member

Master of Marine Science and Management, Macquarie University, 2016

Fathimath Shamah, Executive Member

Bachelor of Health Science, Monash University, 2013

Ibrahim Shareef, Executive Member

Master of Business Law and Master of Professional Accounting, Monash University, 2016

MAA Committees

During January 2018, the Executive Committee made a decision to form three additional committees to delegate its mandate and better focus on achieving its strategic objectives. The membership of the Committees may include general members of the Alumni, and will provide platforms whereby general members can effectively contribute to Alumni activities.


Public Relations and Networking Committee

This committee is primarily tasked with increasing membership of the Alumni and conducting public relations activities nationally and internationally, including building relationship with other NGOs, public and private sector bodies and other Australia Alumni chapters worldwide. The Committee is also in charge of publication of the MAA E-Bulletin.



Programs Committee

Programs Committee is responsible for organizing and conducting events of MAA, including various educational and awareness initiatives, and fund raising activities. The committee is also responsible for the formulation and implementation of the Strategic Action Plan of MAA


Academic and Research Committee

The Academic and Research Committee is tasked with identifying areas of research, which are important for Maldives and conducting and publishing high quality research in conjunction with the general members of the Alumni.