MAA Strategic Objectives

We have identified three broader areas as vital to achieving our strategic objectives, and set detailed objectives to achieve these targets.

Providing support for building and strengthening meaningful relationship between Australia and Maldives

  • Expanding the opportunities of collaborative research between Australia and Maldives in different sectors
  • Creating opportunities of intellectual and cultural exchange between Australia and
  • Establishing and fostering mutually beneficial relationship between MAA and other Australian alumni associations worldwide

Strengthening the role of MAA as an intellectual group in knowledge creation and dissemination in Maldives

  • To enhance dissemination of alumni‚Äôs knowledge and experience
  • To build a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge and information among members

Alumni development and support for Australia Awards Graduates

  • Providing an information base to assist new awardees and helping returning awardees with necessary information support
  • Establishing and maintaining a database of members of Alumni
  • Promoting the Australia Awards in the Maldives and creating a sociable environment for members of the Alumni.

Events Calendar

The Programs Committee closely coordinate with the Executive Committee in devising the MAA activity calendar for the year. MAA activities range from panel discussions, public lectures, career guidances, site visits and many other social activities.

Upcoming and Recent Events

Collaborative Research Event

July 2018